Appraisal and Risk Analysis

We achieve numerous successes thanks to our staff of specialists.

Our Appraisal Department handles agreed value appraisals and risk analyses. As we know, the aim of agreements and reconciliations is to prevent underinsurance or overinsurance in the determination of values of insurable items, and also to reach a mutual agreement between both insurers and insured parties about such values of insurable items.

Tareks has been handling appraisals for the leading companies of the Turkish Industry for many years. Leading industries for which appraisals are handled include mainly: foodstuff, automotive, cement, white appliances, energy, textile, tourism, ports and marinas, airports, mining, machine manufacturing etc.

The proper assessment of risks is one of the most significant factors in, and has a great impact on the profitability of insurance companies, where its importance is gradually increasing. We handle risk assessment research for all branches of non-life insurances and identify precautions to minimize loss risks, based on the extent and nature of such losses within the scope of our risk analysis and assessment activities. In addition, we monitor and regularly check whether such precautions are fulfilled.

Based on our loss adjusting experience, we prepare possible loss scenarios and perform estimations of Possible / Probable Maximum Loss (PML) against various risks.

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